Who Are We?

To provide our clients customized sales & service programs and processes that will produce a loyalty-driven culture resulting in increased revenues and ROI.

To work with great people, who are as passionate as we are, doing great work and having fun at it.

To help our select clients forever distance themselves from their competition.

When you choose Fresh Revenues, you choose a global team with:

We are an experienced team that guarantees results, and we are ready to help your organization provide unmatched customer service, hit and surpass sales goals, create a culture of loyalty, and train up stellar leaders.

For the money you would spend to hire 1.5 new training associates, you can hire an entire company of hospitality training and initiative experts to provide ongoing and reinforced customer service training, help you increase revenues, create a culture of loyalty, and raise up stellar leaders within your organization.

When it comes to designing and implementing a totally comprehensive and uniquely customized staff improvement plan, there is no better choice than Fresh Revenues.

Contact Us today to begin your journey towards better service, better sales, better culture, and MORE MONEY!

Meet Our Leadership

Don Farrell - Founder and Chief Cultivating Officer
Emily Adams - President and Certified Hotel Administrator
Harold Cook - Vice President of Training

Fresh Revenues’ Don Farrell, Emily Adams, and Harold Cook have over 90 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, including thousands of training events and hundreds of keynote speeches.

At various points in their careers, they have held a number of impressive titles including:

In 2007, the team of three left behind the world’s largest sales and service training company with a new goal in their sights: become the world’s best business solutions company to provide customized assessments and design, develop, deliver, and reinforce culture building training initiatives.

They quickly discovered that their extensive backgrounds in hospitality training had equipped them to design and implement staff training plans to increase ROI across a wide variety of industries.

Having worked jobs on every rung of the corporate ladder, they knew how to reach associates at every level to inspire them to better customer service and increased revenues. Furthermore, they had already established relationships with the best trainers in the world and quickly brought them on board to serve Fresh Revenues’ clients.

As a team, they oversee every phase of client relationships:

Don, Emily , and Harold reside in Memphis, Mexico, and San Diego respectively, but they are always just a click away and invite you to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Contact Fresh Revenues today to learn how these stellar leaders and their team of the world’s best customer service and sales trainers can help your company increase revenues immediately and for the long term!