Fresh Revenues: Corporate Training Companies

The phone rings.

It’s a potential client, and he has a few basic questions about the services you provide. He’s calling you and your competitors to research his options before making an important decision: who will get his business.

Your associate picks up the phone and answers his questions, politely and accurately rattling off your company’s services.

The client says, “Thanks for your help,” and then hangs up to call your competitor. He may call back in a few hours… but he probably won’t.

That was low-hanging fruit, and instead of converting it to an easy sale, you lost it. Why? Because your associate doesn’t yet understand how to provide the outstanding customer service that will convert tire-kickers to faithful customers.

When your associate receives training and ongoing reinforcement to provide stellar customer service, he will not only convert low-hanging fruit into increased sales immediately, but will ensure your customers become LOYAL customers who choose you over your competitors every chance they get.

How do you provide and reinforce training that can get those kinds of results?

For the cost of hiring just 1.5 new training associates, you can hire Fresh Revenues, a comprehensive staff training company that will Asses, Design, Develop, Deliver, and Reinforce hospitality training designed to increase your revenues, no matter your industry.

Fresh Revenues can provide you with:

  • A comprehensive look at your company’s customer service from a CONSUMER VIEW POINT
  • telephone and on-site MYSTERY SHOP CALLS that are recorded and analyzed for customer satisfaction
  • an in-depth look at your website and public reviews to uncover CONSUMERS’ PERCEPTIONS of your company
  • a full analysis of the experiences of your LEADERSHIP AND ASSOCIATES
  • agendas and materials that are engaging, impactful, and FUN
  • an action-oriented and RESULTS-DRIVEN training plan

  • Agendas and materials that are engaging, impactful, and FUN
  • An action-oriented and RESULTS-DRIVEN training plan

  • TACTICAL AND PRACTICAL approaches with immediate and long-lasting impact
  • TOOLS YOU NEED to implement your customized training plan straight from the desks of our very own graphic designers, copywriters, and printers

  • Training messages delivered to your associates in a way that leaves them feeling INSPIRED, not coerced, to grow and change
  • FACE TO FACE training for associates
  • MARKETING MATERIALS and electronic or printed job aids for continued reinforcement
  • Web sessions that are in real time, interactive, and available at your associates’ convenience for LONG-DISTANCE EDUCATION
  • Custom built eLearning modules to introduce your sales and service culture to NEW ASSOCIATES on day one

At Fresh Revenues, we see ourselves as an extension of your team and partners in your organization’s vision and goals. We want to help YOU grow your business!

Let us prove it! If you are a new client in the hotel or apartment management industries, we won’t stop at designing and implementing a fully comprehensive staff training plan. In addition, Fresh Revenues will send one of its leading sales experts to SECURE NEW CONTRACTS on behalf of clients in the hotel and apartment management industries.

This service is absolutely FREE for companies implementing Fresh Revenues’ business training solutions!

Contact Us today to receive this fully comprehensive training program with mechanisms of REINFORCEMENT to ensure that your customer service and sales training initiatives stick for continued increased revenues!