Quality Business Speakers

Think about the last time you hosted a meeting for your associates

You set aside valuable time in the work day, or perhaps even a weekend, to educate, inspire, and train your team.

Then, you poured unspeakable amounts of your two most valuable assets— time and energy— into finding speakers (or preparing speeches yourself!) that you hoped would catch and hold your associates’ attention, provide them with the training they need to continually grow your company, and inspire them to become personally invested in your company’s service, sales, culture, and leadership opportunities.

You hoped to used the valuable time together to introduce practical and tactical ideas, methods, and skills that would impact immediately and for the long term.

Did it work?

Did they walk away passionate about their own improvement, or did they view it as little more than an escape from the daily routine… or worse, an annoying interruption to their to-do list?

Did they walk away inspired, only to let that passion quickly fade when they returned to their daily routines?

Did your fresh ideas fail to impact your organization’s reality without reinforcement mechanisms in place to ensure long-term change?

For your next event, let Fresh Revenues provide experienced keynote speakers guaran-teed to inspire your associates to give greater customer service, increase revenues using fresh tactical and practical approaches, create a culture of loyalty, and become stellar leaders.

Fresh Revenues will even provide the reinforcement tools you need to ensure lasting success!

The team at Fresh Revenues has given hundreds of keynote speeches and inspired countless associates across a wide range of industries to grow in Service, Sales, Culture , and Leadership.

Allow Fresh Revenues speakers to engage and motivate your associates to:

  • DISTANCE your customer service from the competition's
  • Have every associate servicing at a higher level of HOSPITALITY
  • Provide service within every single company role that increases customer satisfaction and SELLS FOR YOU, no matter the associate’s job title

  • Convert low lying fruit opportunities into revenues IMMEDIATELY
  • Cultivate NEW SOURCES OF REVENUES with fresh ideas on how to do so
  • Get EVERY member of your organization to sell
  • Discover FUNDAMENTAL sales training solutions for beginners
  • Unlock ADVANCED selling techniques for sales veterans
  • Distance your organization from the competition FOREVER
  • Find, build, and fuel a STELLAR SELLING TEAM

  • Hire, train, and sustain LOYAL ASSOCIATES
  • Find and keep LOYAL CLIENTS
  • Discover the surprisingly high ROI and INCREASED REVENUES that stem from better culture

  • Understand the key differences between LEADERSHIP and management
  • Learn what it takes to be a more DYNAMIC and successful leader by communicating and coaching at much higher levels

Are you ready for a different kind of employee event, where associates walk away in-spired, educated, and passionate to implement changes immediately and for the long-term?

Contact Us today to find out how our experienced keynote speakers can serve your organization and discover why the vast majority of Fresh Revenues clients have awarded our speakers with the highest speaker ratings in their history!