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Hello and Welcome!

Don Farrell

Don Farrell, Founder & Chief Cultivating Officer

Thanks for stopping by to check us out. You’re here to see how we can help your organization make more money… now and also for the long term. Our speaking, training and consulting services will change your culture and permanently distance you from your competitors. Nobody has better talent or more creative ideas to maximize your potential.

Come Grow with Fresh Revenues.


If your sleeves aren’t rolled up, you’re not working hard enough.

Unlike piecemeal and single-focus consulting firms, we see little promise in pre-packaged, hit-and-run, revenue generation strategies. We know that real success stems from the collective attitudes of your company’s unique individuals. We’ll roll up our sleeves and dig deep into your business goals and your desired culture, planting FRESH content that allows you to flourish at every level, from the top down to the ground up.

This is the same method we take when it comes to your actual customers. At Fresh Revenues we know that the measurable values of loyalty vastly outweigh mere satisfaction. It can cost you up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep one you already have. Propagating loyalty is both more productive and efficient than starting from scratch.

So whether it’s your clients or your associates, reward and retention equals loyalty payback. This is where our cultural approach to revenue generation comes into play. In carrying over more than 25 years of learned and real life experience from the hospitality industry, this is also where Fresh Revenues’ passion for this line of work will prove that you’ve chosen to work with the best.

Give me a call or write me personally, if you’d like to kick around some ideas about your unique business challenges. Take the next step: Let’s chat about your company’s potential, your goals and your mission. The most successful businesses out there realize that truly maximizing profit potential implies treating your company like an ecosystem, both unique and diverse. At Fresh Revenues we get that. You’re not our first garden! 


Work with the best.

Too many training / speaking / consulting lessons and regurgitated material from previous clients or dusty school textbooks. Here at Fresh Revenues, we assess and über-customize everything we do.

With us you get FRESH ideas and unique deliverables built by experts who focus on consistent building blocks:

• Discover
• Define
• Develop
• Deliver
• Drive

Fresh Revenues - Create Success

We have worked the front lines and made our own way with independent thinking and a “can do, will do” attitude… not by talking a good game.

The principals and most of our associates at “FR” come from the hospitality world going back 25 years where we had to find new ways to fill rooms each and every day. A hotel room, meeting room or restaurant seat unsold is lost forever, so we always had, and still have, an incredible drive to help capture every opportunity to maximize and increase revenues.

A Loyalty Culture

Loyalty trumps satisfaction.

Your happy clients are taking their business elsewhere. They rated you high when surveyed about service, price, convenience, cleanliness and staff. They were satisfied. But you never made them loyal.

Loyalty will always, always always bring more value than mere satisfaction. And today with your customers being offered so many choices by your competition through every medium… we know if you treat others exceptionally well and build strong bonds it will matter. But will it matter enough? You have no choice but to work harder to be so much better and have to keep building.

Fresh Revenues can help you build and reinforce a culture that drives loyalty. And, on every level, we know you must build loyal employees in order to build loyal customers. Our training and workshops inspire and engage your associates to deliver their best for themselves and for you. We bring back purpose, pride, fun and the willingness of your team to do their best in order that you can be your best.

Don’t take our word for it… talk to our clients. Hear their success stories on culture-driven ROI and how much fun they’re having doing their best.


Count on measurable results.

Curiosity fuels innovation. Curiosity gives us a fresh perspective and builds new ideas. Staying curious makes us better entrepreneurs who just happen to be a whole lot of fun to work with. And we’re picky about who we choose to work with.

At Fresh Revenues we want to work with a few select clients who are as cool and committed as we are. Together we can be more driven to inspire, engage and deliver positive ROI results.

We are ready to provide actively customized business solutions. Our rigorous analysis connects best practices to both large and small organizations. Size doesn’t matter. It’s about strength. Emphasizing strength through practical and tactical solutions for inspired clients is what we’re good at.

It’s too easy to simply assess and report bad news to a client. It’s too easy to deliver and dump an initiative that inevitably falls short because the client didn’t follow through. At Fresh Revenues we have worked with over 10,000 clients without being so easy. We often report bad news to our clients but we always have a creative solution to address that. We build plans with reinforcement options that don’t allow for failure at any level.

Our clients pay us for positive results and that is what they’re guaranteed. We always deliver. We like to get paid.

Guaranteed Results

We know we’re the best.

Fresh Revenues offers a totally comprehensive approach to generating new and fresh ROI. Our assessment of your needs/situation becomes our plan of action. Then we design and develop the initiative, for implementation in-person or as a distance education format. We are able to communicate and market your initiative internally to compel your associates to “want” to be a part of it. And when we begin implementation we strengthen the commitment of associates to the overall goal of the initiative. We have many unique ways to reinforce your desired outcome. When participants believe in their role, are confident in what they’re doing and truly want to succeed… positive outcomes are inevitable. We help get them there and keep them there. That’s how we are able to guarantee results.

Even though Fresh Revenues offers a totally comprehensive range of services for multiple industries, we’re smart enough to know we don’t and won’t have answers to every single situation. That’s why we have a tag team of specialists who know all that we can’t. They know a lot of freaky current stuff. We have pros who know the profitable differences with bigger vs. faster, smaller vs. effective and how green is the new black. Together, we know our own things and everything. We have all it takes to help you reach success, keep you there and we guarantee your satisfaction.